Monday, February 18, 2013

acrylic cat

I decided to have another go at my acrylics the other day, but couldn't resist adding some watercolor in the backround.
Im enjoying cats at the moment so here is another.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art with the flu

Ugh.. I woke up yesterday feeling terrible. I have a summer head cold. Why is feeling sick, even worse on a 36 degree day? The worse thing is feeling so tired, with no energy. I just dont have time to be sick!

I have opened two little cyber stores on  and on Etsy. You can find me there at

I am busy trying to get a good dozen or more paintings out to show. The good thing is, within 2 days I sold 2 paintings already and I am super happy about it.

I have been working on this beautiful tabby cat the last few days, and here is my progress.

Im not sure if you can see it, but I have layed down a wash of very light color to begin with.
Here is the next stage. I have added some color to the nose and eyes and added my dark fur stripes.
Starting to work on the eyes with more watercolor, working on the fur on the body and adding in the whiskers.

Now working in prisma color pencil and adding work to the eyes and more fur details. Next step will be coming back with more watercolor.

A closer look at the eye. Watercolor and prisma's.

Well thats it for now, Im just a little to sick to continue at the moment and I want to do this gorgeous cat justice, so Ill be back soon to show the finished painting in a day or so.

Hugs, Sonya

Update- Feeling better after a good days sleep LOL and finished the next morning.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Playful colors

Today I finished my cute playful elephant watercolor. She's such a gorgeous girl playing with her elephant sized ball. LOL. I just had to do her in bright colorful colors, just like any child would like.

what fun....


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Watercolor puppies

In the last few days I have been developing my watercolor style. I am absolutely loving watercolor paints. I enjoy their translucence, their ability of color building and I love the way they sometimes behave very unpredictable. I am still however, wanting to develop my own style within the the medium, so I came up with these two more paintings.
In the first painting I added quite a bit of prisma color pencil, and ended up with this:

Finished except for a little tidying up and blending with the purple prismas to be done.

The next little pup is a jolly fellow so I want to add some bright colors to him with oranges and reds.
Again a different style to my previous paintings, with just a little prisma color this time.

Im really happy with how this fellow turned out as well. So i guess my question is coming, to establish myself should I stick to one 'style ' of painting or is it okay to to do many. Most established artists I see, really develop the one style of painting and stick to it. Hmm, what do you think and what is your style. When did you realise you had found it?


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watercolor, watercolor, watercolor

Oh, I have had fun today. I was lucky enough to have 2 days off of work so I spent the day at my art desk.

 As you know I have been playing with watercolors as of late and managed to finished this cute little labrador puppy before the kids made it home from school.
step 1: the underpainting

Step 2: adding the first watercolors

Step 3: Many layers of paint later. Just some tidying up to do.

Finished at last!

A beautiful labrador puppy. I hope you like her.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Art in 2013

Wow it's February 2013, where has time gone?
What have I been up to. Well, I have to admit after that huge cougar painting my artist juice was completely exchausted!
I took a well deserved rest and I think my mind just became numb. LOL.
Christmas was approaching fast, school was ending for the kids and up approached the busiest time at work at the bed and breakfast pavilions.
I have to admit I just didn't have the time or the energy for any art at all:(

On a brighter note, it is now a brand new exciting year. I have recovered from the silly season, kids are back at school at last and thankfully, I have a few more days off of work.
I started my first watercolor painting this year and I am just letting it dry while I write this.

I decided to paint a absolutley adorable ginger kitten. Now I am not really a cat person however, I mean not that I hate cats, but I'm just a dog owner basically. But for some reason I just love kitten pictures. Who wouldn't though? I mean they are so cute, fluffy and big eyed. Adorable. So I have decided to paint a few in some loose watercolor and prisma pencil. It's been a while since I picked up a pencil and paintbrush but I just kept telling myself to keep it loose and not to worry if it didnt turn out. So far so good.

I'll be sure to post a picture as soon as Ive finished her.


Update: Here she is finished!