Monday, August 26, 2013

Artists Buttons Tutorial

What a great day it is here in South Australia. The sun is finally shining after so much rain. The weather really does affect our mood, as I have been feeling a little dismal lately, but today I stepped outside and felt so much better in the sunshine.
I have a new tutorial for you all, as on the weekend I decided to try and make some buttons from my own artwork. They turned out pretty cool and Ill definitely be making some more real soon.

If you would like to make some here is how I made them.

Step 1: find desired number of buttons, flatter topped ones with no ridges are best to use.

step 2: Trace around your button with pencil onto watercolor paper if you are using watercolor paints.

step 3: Place some watercolor paint inside your circle, use 2 different shades for interest. Let dry.

step 4: When dry draw your desired image with black sharpie pen, or any pen that is waterproof. Cut around your circle. Get your plastic button and mark lightly where the holes for the button will be( I use a needle to poke them through. Draw your image keeping that in mind.)

Step 5: Using the needle, line up your paper artwork with the button holes and glue down on top of your plastic button with any good quality craft glue, remembering to keep those holes open.

step 6: When almost dry, I then use very soft sandpaper to sand the edges of the paper, sanding downwards, a little bit of glue will comes out to the side helping the edges to stick down fast.

step 7: When dry, use a couple coats of gloss medium or 3d laquer to give them shine and protect them.
Let dry.!

If you decided to make these please link back to my site and drop me a line I would love to see them!
Cheers Sonya

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