Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting around town

I must say it is a real eye opener, driving around town with the pure intent of looking at homes to sketch. You really do see things in a different light. I realise now, that every time I leave the house, I am looking for future possible sketches. I'm looking for interesting features, angles of roofs, texture of stone, distinguishing features, anything that makes a home a little different than the norm.
I love house with character. Something that makes it that little bit different and unique.

In my search I am finding that it is the older style homes in Lyndoch that I am drawn to. They just have so much character. Like the old house above. I always thought it abandoned, with its broken windows and rusted roof, but my husband tells me a man still lives in the back of the house. Homes like these hold so many stories. I wish I could read the walls like a storybook.
Another home that has always interested me in the past is the one above. For as long as I can remember it has had this old black sofa couch on the front porch, yet I have never seen anyone sitting on it. It also has this newer building at the back which I am not quite sure belongs to the front property or not. I love these sort of older style homes and I think out pretty little town wouldn't be half as pleasant without them.
Hugs Sonya