Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Teesha Moore inspired fabric journal

Hello to you all,

I have been working on a Fabric journal for the past 3 days and finally finished it this morning. I found a
you tube video by Teesha Moore showing how to make these wonderful fabric journals and was hooked straight away.
Basically you have to make all these little stuffed pillows and then you quilt them individually, embellish them and then sew them together to make the cover of your journal.
Here are my pillows to start with and my fabric print of one of my collage dogs.

I had so much fun with this project and would definitely do it again, but next time I would allow myself more time...maybe. I am already thinking of making one ready for the mermaid circus which I have joined which is starting next week!

I had a bit of trouble trying to hide my binding threads from the outside, but I just gave up in the end. Next time I'll cover the spine with the rug hooking bits of thread and fancy wool like Teesha did to cover up the mess.
Here are some close up's of my decorated patches.

It ended up being very thick with about 300 pages.

If you would like to see a video of my journal and hear me talk about making it, see it here on YouTube below.

Cheers Sonya


  1. Love your dogs and also adore your handmade book--just wonderful! Suzanne

  2. Oh thankyou so much, its nice to hear when people like something you have created with your heart and sole.