Friday, August 30, 2013

Journal and sketchbooks

Here is a quick look at some of my latest journal pages I have been working on slowly. Hope you like them. They always make me feel happy looking at them.
Here I used a photocopy of two of my dogs from my 60 collage dog days project.

I have also been looking at a few different artists sketchbook pages of late, as I am interested in creating one for myself in my new fabric Teesha Moore inspired journal.
Here are a few that caught my eye, for different reasons:
I just adore the mustache characters, so adorable! I also like the layout.
Beautiful fashion type sketches with closeup.
Another great side to Teesha's art. What great whimsical characters!
How cute is this. I love love love it!
Stunning watercolor.
I love how the characters fill the two entire pages.

So what is the difference between a art journal and a sketchbook?
I guess in an art journal most of the pages follow on with the same style or perhaps it journals your life. The journal itself becomes a complete piece of work.
I think a sketchbook is more of an ideas book, with no thought in going into relating pages together. You use them for drawing practice and to sketch whatever fancies you on the day.
I think there is a very thin line between the two and each artist at the end of the day can call their book what ever they want.
Well, I am off now to a carnival show with the kids for fairy floss and hotdogs. I hope you have a great day too!
Cheers for now,


  1. Beautiful art journal pages Sonya... love the pops of color and gorgeous collage... loved seeing your blobimals too...

    Jenny ♥