Monday, September 2, 2013

Busy Days of Art!

Hi Ladies,
I have been busy today making my mermaid circus journal ready for the Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore course. It started this week and is very exciting. I decided to be a little different with mine, as it was encouraged by Jane to find your own style and follow your heart.

Instead of doing mermaids, I have opted for fish, and therefore will have a journal as the 'Fish Circus'.
Its going to be a pretty full 8 weeks, so I am not sure how much other journalling, I'm going to fit in the day.
I will definitely still be making my collage dog illustrations everyday and listing them on the 60 dogs in 60 days page for you to enjoy. Here is today's cheeky pup, Buster.

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On another note, I have also started my fabric journal I made recently. I am using this more as a everyday sketchbook of things that happen in my life and have limited myself to watercolor paints, graphite pencil and ink. The sketches I am doing are very basic and I am not caring if they are out of proportion or not 100% perfect. This sketchbook is just for me to draw without care, and I am loving the experience.
I hope to post some pictures of my pages soon.
Well that is all for now, keep healthy,

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