Saturday, June 23, 2012

More creations!

I have had a busy last few days now that I am feeling better. I have been stuck in a whirl wind of paper dolls.
They are so much fun. I think the beauty of it to me is finding a head, and then a matching body and different limbs, its so much fun!

I have also been playing around with some new waterpaints I have recieved called Twinkling H2o's. They really are pretty and give a great twinkling glitterey fiinsh. In this journal entry, I used it on my ladies hair, wings and necklace. I have tried to capture the sparkle on camera. Its just so pretty, I really love these paints.

Isn't it so pretty!


  1. Hi Sonya....

    Awww your dollies are great, bet u had a great time putting those together..
    Love your journal entry too, i have those H2O's an they are just so pretty, an last such a long time, i havent brought no new ones for ages, but itching to play lol...

    Snuggles Angel xx

  2. Wow! I love these dolls you have made. I cannot even begin to put something like this together. They are so unique. I'm in the hunt of these H2o's. I have seen them all over, now just looking to purchase.

  3. These are amazing I really love them I am going to have to try one of these paper dolls sometime :0

  4. wow those dollies are awesome!

  5. Thankyou ladies for the lovely comments. Its nice to hear such great feedback.