Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whimsical Paper dolls

For the past wekk I have been so sick with the flu. My daughter came home with it and yep, two days later I was feeling very ill. You name it I had it. Night sweats and chills, vomitiing, coughing, sore throat, head ache and just plain old I feel like sleeping 24 hours a day.
It's hard to be a caring Mum when you feel like that LOL. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who worked all day then made us dinner, fed the dogs, did the dishes and tucked us in. I am blissfully happy with my man.
Well, Im all better now and during my sickness, managed to google a few minutes a day when I had the energy and found the wonderful world of Modern Paper Dolls.
I immediately fell in love with these beautiful pieces of art and as soon as I was better, I was off to my art desk to create my first two dolls.
The first is a mermaid, made with scrapbooking cardstock, stamping on her arms, floral embellishments and some digital images I printed off. I just loved making her.

The second paper doll is made from mainly digital prints. I used a glitter sticker crown for her head and a floral 3d sticker on her dress. Both are jointed using brads.

Im thinking of making a few more and hanging them from my art desk where I can enjoy them everyday. I also thought they would make great tags on gifts, or I could make christmas themed dolls for the tree.
I have also created a swap over at swap-bot where we will be making 1 whimiscal paper doll for one partner.
Here is the link if you would like to join, or I would appreciate it, if you spread the word on your blog:
sign up is by July 3rd and you must send by July 17th.
Swap-bot is free to sign up with and is a great place to swap. I haven't been there too long yet but in the swaps I have participated in, I have not be disappointed and its been only a great experience. Most people have blown me away with their generousity and go way beyond whats expected. It really is a great place and I highly recommend it.
Getting back on track now...
I am just having so much fun with these and they are relatively quick to make once you have all your pieces cut. I back mine with pattererned cardstock, so they are more sturdy and the paper won't wilt over with time.
Have you made some paper dolls lately? If you have I would love to see.....
If your new to the craft, like me, I found this site:
There you can find a paper doll template to cut your pieces out as well as some instructions. It's a great place to get you started.
Don't forget I would love to see your paper dolls, so message me okay!


  1. really cool sonya :] i've been wanting to make paper dolls myself. i've been trying out different swaps latley over at i might check out swap bot now lol :] hope you and your daughter feel well soon. take care <3

  2. I like the different colors and patterns of the parts of your dolls. This style kind of reminds me of Claudine Hellmuth.

  3. Dolls are so cute, might have to give them a go.

    Hope you feel better soon, i have felt awful this week to. :0(

    Snuggles Angel

    1. Thankyou ladies! I am feeling better now. Hope you are too Angel.
      I was thinking if there is enough interest over at Doll dreams I might make a paper doll doll dreams swap?

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