60 Dog Days Collage Project

As there has not been much interest in this project and I have run out of inspiration to create these dogs, I will not be completing my 60 day challenge. Sorry, but I am only human and my love for collage and dog art is running at a low. I think I bit off more than I can chew!
I guess this is why we call these things 'a challenge', because they are. Sometimes we can complete the challenge and sometimes inspiration runs dry. I will keep this page open for any users to enjoy the dogs I have already created. As for the giveaway, it goes to Trish  . So if you read this Trish, could you please send me your postal address, to send you your framed dog collage art. Thank you for supporting me.
Cheers, Sonya
Welcome to my 60 Dogs in 60 Days Project.
 Everyday I will collage and illustrate one whimsical dog for 60 days straight .
 If you like my dogs please follow and don't forget to participate in my free giveaway. Information is listed on my blog post from the 24.8.2013.

Day 1: Patrick

Day 2: Clifford

Day 3: Pip

Day 4: Spot

Day 5:  Jack

Day 6: Toby

Day 7: Angus

Day 8: Duke

Day 9: Rascal

Day 10:  Cosmo

Day 11: Buster

Day 12: Lulu

Day 13: Harry
Day 14: Pippa

Day 15: Rex

Day 16: Bob

Day 17: Lucy
Day 18: Oscar

Day 19: Banjo


  1. Sonia, I just adore your dogs! Found your blog by mistake and it is such a pleasure to look at what you are creating. I am a neighbour, living in W.A, also love Teesha Moore and have just finished a class with the divine Jane Davenport, and HATE writing in my journals!
    I shall be visiting your blog on a regulate basis to see what other delights you are creating. keep those dogs coming!

  2. Hi Trish! Do you remember me perhaps from Dolldreams with Adriana Almanza? I think we did some journal and chunky page swaps together...
    Isn't it bizzare we seem to be on the same art path. It's a pity we aren't in the same town.
    Im glad you like my dogs, looks like you could be seeing a freebie coming your way!

  3. Hi Sonya, no I did not do Dolldreams, so have not done a swap with you.
    I am in love with Spot the dog and am wondering if you would consider selling him to a good home?
    He is soon adorable!
    How are you enjoying the Mermaids Circus? I looked at doing it but thought it a little expensive. Will be interested to see your class progress on your blog.
    All the best,

  4. Hi Trish,
    Sorry for the mix up, I must have got you confused with my other Trish friend!
    Well it is a pleasure to know you as well.
    Regarding Spot, well he is actually in my journal, like all of my dog collage illustrations, so unfortunetely I can't remove him.
    If I had your postal address I could perhaps send you a print?