Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spring is here at last

Welcome back!
It's spring at last. I hate winter, and spring here in Australia started off great with a 30 degree day! Unfortunetly it didn't last and now it's back down to 18.
However with the great day, I took full advantage of it and went into the garden as I mentioned in my previous post.
I made a watercolor painting in my new small journal of our lovely flowers growing around our bird bath.

The bird bath in the middle of our lawn is my most favourite feature of our backyard. I can gaze at it for hours. In summer time on those hot nights, we are lucky enough to see maybe 20 or 30 Australian cockatoos come down and eat from the seeds in our grass and drink the water.

My husband planted all these beautiful flowers called snapdragons from seed. He is quite the gardener and is often outside in his vegetable patch, or mowing the lawns, while I have my head down in paint and paper.


I was lucky enough to be visited by this bird called a magpie here in Australia while I was sketching. I tried really hard to be fast and sketch him in place. It was a truly lovely moment.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!