Saturday, September 7, 2013

Who's for some Tea?

Hi all,
Something simple today, but meaningful for me. As you may know if you have read my Profile, I am a great lover of a cup of tea. Or how we say it here in Australia, A Cuppa tea!
When it comes to a healthy diet my biggest downfall is cookies, cake and a wonderful relaxing cuppa tea.
I would say I drink between 4 and 6 cups of Lipton tea per day. The addiction started when we had family over from the Newquay, Cornwall. They were offering to put the kettle on regularly and when you are chatting, who can say no. It's just the done thing to talk over a nice hot beverage.

The funny thing is when it's evening time. We are all watching the television and I ask my daughter's who's turn is it to get me a cup of tea. There is always a squabble, no-one ever wants to get me one. I nornally end up with bribing someone. You know, "If you get me a cup of tea, I will rub your feet for 5 minutes" that sort of thing.

I am so in love with my waterpaints and have just started using Twinkling H2o's, which add the shimmer you can see in the pictures. They are stunning, give them a go.
Thanks for visiting, have a great day!
Hugs, Sonya

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