Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Art Course

Hi everyone!
It has been some time since I have posted as I have had a bit of a art vacation. Meaning I've been knitting and crocheting instead LOL.
So now after knitting 2 jumpers and a scarf and my arms are killing me, its time to get back to my true love of drawing and painting.
Many times after having a break from art I feel the need for an online 'inspirational' course, to get the good juices flowing through the fingers once more.
This time I have selected a course by the wonderful fellow Australian artist, Jane Davenport.
I have taken a course with her previously (I heart drawing), learning to draw fashion type figures and faces and although not really my taste of art, I learnt many things I didn't know about illustrating the human figure. (Jane has some great secret tips she has designed herself to teach you)  Before that course I only drew faces, and after time that can become very repetitive.
Now I am taking the exciting online course called 'Joynal'. Joynal  is all about whimsy and magical fairytale creatures and beings in a beautiful journal. Again we will study faces and figures, but this time, leaning more towards whimsical rather than fashion or realism.
The lessons are quite pricey at $165.00 and it has taken me a year of consideration to finally take the plunge but now that I have started I wish I had leapt sooner. It is so much fun and Jane also shows you how she alters old children's books into art journals which I absolutely adore!
If your interested in Jane's courses she has a few different ones to choose from for all levels of artists and different prices. Visit her at :
Our first lesson is to do a warm up drawing of a face and the second drawing of a figure. Here are mine.

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