Sunday, July 28, 2013

Journal Play

So I have been so happy in the course I am doing right now with Jane davenport. Throughout the lessons we have created pixie's, mermaids, fairies, unicorns and I have learn't so many drawing tricks. I am in  love with the mixed media journal I have created. It is by far my favourite journal now.
Yesterday I created these whimsical giraffe twins. The aim was to put a whimsical face on any animal we desired. Jane added antlers and ears to her whimsy sisters. I chose lovely long necked giraffes for a bit of quirky fun. Here they are. I am all ready to add my journalling.

Today I also played with a bit of my old art. Using my photo computer program which was just a bit of fun, I tinkered with my images. It was great to see how my art takes on a totally new look with a bit of color saturation and tweaking. I think the images would be great to use in another journal. Really the possibilities are endless. i feel some more creative juice about to start spilling out onto my pages.

Original                                                                              Enhanced 1
 Enhanced 2


                                              and I particularly like how the following ones turned out.

    Original                                                                                        Enhanced




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