Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Looking forward, Looking back- Sketches of Kangaroo Island

Today I decided the only way to go forward is to look back.
Way back in 2013, I mentioned a holiday I was about to embark on, to Kangaroo Island and promised to show my sketchbook pictures of the venture.
I never did get around to showing you those pages, but today I finally picked up those old watercolor sketches.
Looking back, one and a half years later, wow! I can definitely see an improvement. I actually cringe at some of the drawings and definitely squirm at most of my watercolor efforts.
( I do still love the rawness of some of the drawings and am particularly still fond of my fresh marron above, and the sketch below. I just love the shape of that iconic KI rock!)
But, you know what?  It is so exciting to see how much I have improved. I am now trying new things, I'm not scared to experiment and I personally think my watercolor sketches have more feeling in them.
I hope to write another blog entry in two years time and see even more improvement. Isn't that what art is all about anyway? Having fun, and enjoying your own journey...



April 2015 sketchbook entry
An old bed and breakfast cottage in my hometown of Lyndoch, South Australia.

I hope someone sees these sketchbook images and decides to jump in and have a go. Everyone can draw and paint, yes everyone! and you never know where the years will lead you. Join me climbing that ladder one step at a time.
I am having a blast thinking of doing some more uban sketching and painting all the remarkable buildings in my home town.
What would you like to sketch?


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