Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art with the flu

Ugh.. I woke up yesterday feeling terrible. I have a summer head cold. Why is feeling sick, even worse on a 36 degree day? The worse thing is feeling so tired, with no energy. I just dont have time to be sick!

I have opened two little cyber stores on  and on Etsy. You can find me there at

I am busy trying to get a good dozen or more paintings out to show. The good thing is, within 2 days I sold 2 paintings already and I am super happy about it.

I have been working on this beautiful tabby cat the last few days, and here is my progress.

Im not sure if you can see it, but I have layed down a wash of very light color to begin with.
Here is the next stage. I have added some color to the nose and eyes and added my dark fur stripes.
Starting to work on the eyes with more watercolor, working on the fur on the body and adding in the whiskers.

Now working in prisma color pencil and adding work to the eyes and more fur details. Next step will be coming back with more watercolor.

A closer look at the eye. Watercolor and prisma's.

Well thats it for now, Im just a little to sick to continue at the moment and I want to do this gorgeous cat justice, so Ill be back soon to show the finished painting in a day or so.

Hugs, Sonya

Update- Feeling better after a good days sleep LOL and finished the next morning.

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  1. This is beautiful, Sonya! You are doing some amazing work!