Saturday, February 9, 2013

Watercolor puppies

In the last few days I have been developing my watercolor style. I am absolutely loving watercolor paints. I enjoy their translucence, their ability of color building and I love the way they sometimes behave very unpredictable. I am still however, wanting to develop my own style within the the medium, so I came up with these two more paintings.
In the first painting I added quite a bit of prisma color pencil, and ended up with this:

Finished except for a little tidying up and blending with the purple prismas to be done.

The next little pup is a jolly fellow so I want to add some bright colors to him with oranges and reds.
Again a different style to my previous paintings, with just a little prisma color this time.

Im really happy with how this fellow turned out as well. So i guess my question is coming, to establish myself should I stick to one 'style ' of painting or is it okay to to do many. Most established artists I see, really develop the one style of painting and stick to it. Hmm, what do you think and what is your style. When did you realise you had found it?



  1. I think it's helpful to experiment with different styles :] this helps you figure out what your art style is. you never know what you will dicover about your art. experimenting is ok! i think that's when art journals come in handy :] if there is a certain style you like the most you should pursue it! you are very good at watercolor painting! have you considered making prints of your lovely paintings? haha as for me i am still not sure what my style is. i guess i would say mixed media portraits. i like playing around with different things. my style is always changing and growing as i practice more and more. hugs from california! :D

    1. Hi Ashley,
      I find my style is always changing and I guess thats what can keep an artist fresh and great new ideas happening. I love using all mediums too, including acrylic, watercolor, pencil, oils, which makes it hard to stick to one, although lately watercolor and pencil is my favourite at the moment as its so easy to clean up afterwards!