Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scary Night

Good Afternoon,

I just have to tell you about last night. My husband and one of my girls went off camping last night, so it was just me and my 14 year old at home. I am pretty use to him not being at home at night because he works night shift in the wine season and is also in the local fire brigade, but last night was horrible!
At 3.30am I woke to a very loud bang. It woke me right up from a deep sleep, and at first I thought a car had crashed on the street. Then my mind started wandering.... what was that? no sign of any cars. Five minutes later another huge bang and another. OMG at this stage I am wide awake and thinking of a shooter on the rampage, coming my way. What do I do, mmm nothing- Im safe in my bed surely.
Another bang, fireworks? at 3 in the morning on a windy winters night?? No. At this stage I'm thinking of calling the police or at least my next door neighbour.
Another bang, this time 3 times in a row. That's it I'm out of bed.
It then took me 40 minutes to realise my husband didn't close my side gate properly (which is right next to my bedroom window) and it was banging open and close in the wind. Wow did I feel stupid. Thank god I didn't call the police.
Isn't it amazing how something so simple seems so much bigger and scarier in the dark.
And I thought I didn't have much of an imagination!

Well after all that, today has been another blobimal day. I find them very relaxing, which I really needed after last nights episode,  and I have finally found a way that I am happy to use them in my journal pages. (Stay tuned to see my journal pages incorporating my blob animals) I have been very busy creating them with my watercolor paints and prisma pencils and then found it fantastic to edit them in my photo editing program. Here is a few animals I have come up with so far.
Please read my previous posts about blobimals if you would like to know more and you can also check out the site to learn these at the link above by clicking on the highlighted word 'blobimal'.
The most exciting thing is I have realised I want these in my journal pages, and as far as I know its totally my own style. So if you would like to see my journalling with these little fellows in them, stay tuned and in the next few days i hope to have some pages done.
Cheers for now,





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