Monday, August 19, 2013

I found my groove

As promised in my previous post, I have made 2 new journal pages incorporating my blobimals into my pages to come up with a style that I feel is my own. I am REALLY loving these two pages, which just happen to be the last two pages of my style journal.

Ive incorporated my blob animal cow head to my page.

I found it really quite helpful to have a journal trying out different artists styles and then eventually coming up with something that i feel is really me. I guess its a little of everything I have learned. I have taken away things I like about Teesha Moore, added my blobimals from Carla Sonheim's class and just taken inspiration from other online journalers. I found what colors like best, what doodles I love drawing, what sort of collage to do and what type of paint I like to use on my pages.


Here is my last page of my Journal also including a blobimal I created.

Blue is my favorite color, so I just concentrated on that and let it take me where it wanted to go.

Have you ever made a style journal? Who are your favorite journallers, or who do you get inspiration from?