Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 2 Journal page

Well it's day 2 of my 365 day journal. Yippee. The way I feel right now is awesome, so I hope the enthusiasm keeps up for the 363 more days to come.
I am really loving colours and circles at the moment, so I think that will be reflected in my journal pages for some days to come. My inspirations are coming from 2 fantastic artists by the names of Wendy Brightbill Agirlandherbrush and Donna Downey from Simply Me. These 2 ladies just opened my mind up to the possibilies out there in journal art and I adore pages with texture and this is what they are all about. Texture, paints, spray inks, tapes, paper,stencils its all about mixed media, Having fun and clearing your mind from negatives and just going for it. Don't second guess yourself, if your first instinct is to add yellow, add it right now, don't think twice. There are are no mistakes in this type of journalling.
Here is my day 2 journal page in my handmade journal. You can find the video tutorial on how I made the actual journal Here.
 I just love the little signature page in between. Let me know what you think.

I really had to get these pic's up as well. I am so proud of my two daughters who are studying India traditions at the moment at school. They did some doodling of Henna and Sarie designs. I think they did an absolutely wonderful job.

Yah! I love you Girls...

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