Friday, May 4, 2012

365 days of mixed media journal art

DAY 1:
Hi again,
Its a good day today. Im feeling better, it's a sunny day and best of all it's Saturday. Time to create!

I've been reading a few blogs lately about journalling regularly and have become so inspired. I have decided to take the plunge and join in. So starting with today, I will be creating a journal page everyday for the next 365 days. Wow. What a crazy number. LOL.

Well Day 1: was so much fun.
 I just opened up my mind, wasnt scared of doing anything wrong and just let the colours and texture appear. I just love this style of mixed media journal art.
Here is my very first page in my journal. I used: acrylic paint, stencils, gyprock plasterers tape, scrap paper, black ink and a flower embellishment. I really love the freedom of mixed media and it was so therapeutic to just PLAY . I'm so glad I am about to embark on 365 days of it!
I hope you join me for the ride. Please go to my 365 days of journal pages see all my pages listed day by day.

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