Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recent Art Trading Cards

I have been a very busy crafter lately. Having so much fun.
I am right into the swing of things with my ATC's. I started a little rusty but am now feeling Im getting into my groove again.
Here are some, I made over the past few days. I love them all so very much, they will be hard to trade.
Oh, Im sure I will, but not just for any card. I hope to start collecting my favourite themes.
The masquerade card is definetely for my private collection, as I want to collect this theme, as well as steampunk and victorian vintage styled cards.

My two other favourites hard to part with are, 'The Frog Prince' and 'Legends of Their Time'.

I will list all my trade cards on my Flickr site here:
My username is ARTBYSONYA.

On another artsy note, i have also been making some handcarved stamps. I have done these the hard way as I don't have a carving set yet and had to use my standley knife instead. However it was a good way in discovering if I enjoyed it or not before I fork out for the carving tools. And YES I loved making these stamps. Hopefully I can do more intricate designs when the better tools arrive.
Here are my basic stamps I carved with the knife.
Not too bad for a first attempt I think.

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