Monday, May 21, 2012

My swapping addiction

Hello again,
Ive got a few minutes before I leave for work, so I thought I would keep you posted on what I have been working on recently.
I decided to join because I am just loving the journal round robins I am in at the moment, through  the Doll Dreams site and  can't get enough!
I used to make art to purely sell, and I found a small happiness when a piece sold. However the money was never a part of it. When your creating art and sell it for a small price, I realised your really only in it for the gratification. Then I discovered a whole internet world of swapping.
I can't tell you how much more satisfying it is for someone who creates for the love of it, to do so and then get somebody elses art in return. I highly recommend you have a try, but be warned it is highly addictive!

Here are two things I have been working on. The first one is from the Cardboard Project through Each of us send away a cardboard packet we have decorated with drawings and paint to the person below us on the list and mine is well on its way. I recieved a members project yesterday and was eager to do my cardboard page for her packet.

Here is my page:

Made from torn cardboard, acrylic paint, glitter, watercolor crayons, sumi ink and prismacolor pencils
The second thing I have been doing, is through Swapbot. I have signed up for a Alice in Wonderland ATC swap. Its a one for one swap, but I love Alice so much, I though I would make a whole series of ATC's in this theme and place them on flickr available for swaps. I think I would like to swap with someone else's Alice in Wonderland Atc's.
If your interested I will be listing them soon on my flickr site under the username: Artbysonya.
Here are my 1st two, one for Swapbot and the other one is for my series. I am not sure which one will go to my swapbot partner yet. Which one do you think is the nicest?


  1. Hi Sonya: I like the image on the right, Alice. I'm going to visit Swapbot to check out some of the swaps. Maybe one day soon I can find one that will fit into my very limited free time. I'd like to participate every now and then. Have a nice day.

  2. Sonya for your convenience, here is a link to my eraser art stamp tutorial introduction and other info: