Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vintage circus

Well as you all know, I have been busy making ATC's and have been very active over at Swap-bot and AFA.
I am excited to let you know I am hosting my first swap at Swap-bot.
My atc theme is Vintage Circus.

Image by Rustycage11 (flickr)
I just love vintage themed ATC's and especially of circus images.
My grandfather died when I was quite young and it wasn't until I was an adult that I realised he was actually in the circus when he was a young man. Apparantely, he was a tight rope walker! How cool is that, further more he was in charge of the monkeys and I do have photos of my father with his pet monkeys as a kid.
I wish he had lived longer so I could have asked him a thousand questions.
So this is where my love for vintage circus comes from. A very warm part in my heart!

If you would like to enter this swap head over to Swap-bot for all the details at:


  1. Woooo Hooo Sonya...

    Have fun hosting hun, i used to host on my forum, an was great fun..

    Snuggles Angel xx