Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finger paint for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the lovely mums out there!
I had a lovely day. It started with breakfast in bed, then my daughter helped me at work, so that I would finish earlier. We spent a beautiful lunch out at a winery with my mother and mother in law and I even managed to recieve some great chocolate as a pressie. Wow I was blown away, I am so blessed to have two great kids. I love them dearly.
Well to finish the day, I did some art as usual, when my youngest who is now 11 years old, piped up that she would like to try some finger painting with me. Of course I jumped at the chance of creating with my daughter who usually isnt interested.
So below is my journal page for the day and my daughters page, who did pretty well in copying what mum did.
My journal page

my daughters finger painting


  1. Awwww i must of scrolled down thinking this was one post. Your daughter has done a lovely job, very artistis, my daughter is almost 9 an also my arty buddy lol....
    i am about to make her another blog, as hers got deleted too..

    Snuggles Angel

  2. These are fabulous! I can't imagine a better way to spend a day than painting with a child!

  3. Thankyou, yes it's lots of fun.
    It was definetely a bonding moment and very peaceful.