Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art Journal Round Robin

I'm so excited to be involved with a couple of art journal Round Robins this year. I am currently taking a few whimsical art classes with Adriana Almanza from and one of the students has organised the round robins.
The first one is the 'Doll Dreams Basic' journal round robin and its so much fun! I got busy and made a journal from cardboard and acrylic paints and then sewed in my waterpaper signatures.
I just love my front and back cover and the front whimsy girl reminds me of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games! Although I love the books and movies, I never meant for that to happen she just appeared.LOL
Here is my back cover. How cute is she! Sorry about the dark pics.

So anyway, I sent the journal off and its about to travel right around the world to places like Germany, United Kingdom, America, The Netherlands and Australia. I just cant express what this journal will mean to me when it arrives back home!
In the meantime I recieved my first journal all the way from the U.K to place some of my art in. The journal is by a wonderful artist called Angel, and it is so beautiful , I totally fell in love with it. I wish I had thought of embellishing mine this way!
Here's a picture of it.

Angel specified that she would like all of the contributing artists to add their countries floral emblem to their artwork. As a few people from Australia are involved ,I decided to use my state's emblem of the Sturt Desert Pea. Here is my art work in her journal.
I can't wait for the next journal to arrive. Shouldn't be too long. This is so much fun. I recommend everyone to get involved in something like this if you are into art journalling. If you like these type of dreamy dolls they're many classes to take at the Doll Dreams site.

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